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This site is for all the fans of the "Detroit Tigers"! Learn a little about the Tiger's history and also their 2013 schedule.




Detroit tigers2
are a Major League Baseball team located in Detroit, Michigan. One of the American League's eight charter franchises, the club was founded in Detroit in 1894 as part of the Western League. They are the oldest continuous one-name, one-city franchise in the American League. The Tigers have won four World Series championships (1935, 1945, 1968, and 1984) and have won the American League pennant 11 times (1907, 1908, 1909, 1934, 1935, 1940, 1945, 1968, 1984, 2006 and 2012). The team currently plays its home games at Comerica Park in Downtown Detroit.

2012 HighlightsEdit

Detroit Tigers 2012 Highlights! (ALCS)

Detroit Tigers 2012 Highlights! (ALCS)

Watch the Tiger's 2012 highlights!


This guy is the best!

Schedule for 2013Edit

2013 Detroit Tigers RosterEdit

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